TIP:  Setting Limits


Limits are set to:

  1. Assure the safety of each child and adult.
  2. Prohibit the destruction of nondisposable materials.
  3. Assure individual acceptance of responsibility for one's actions.
  4. Assure equal and respectful treatment of all people

Limits are also needing during routines and transitions.

Limits vs. Rules

Limits                                           Rules

Based on values                           Based on authority

Power is shared                            Adults control all power

Expect cooperation                       Require punishment

Flexible, may be negotiable          Rigid, may be broken

Encourage logical thinking            Restrict logical thinking      

Circumstances count                    Circumstances don't count

Bring respect                                Bring resentment

Foster independence                   Foster dependence

Promote decision making             Inhibit decision making

Seek alternatives                         Alternatives are restricted


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